-ArcheoVirtual 2024-


The call for application proposals for ArcheoVirtual 2024 DiversaMente is now open:
to participate, simply fill out the online form by 21 July 2024.

ArcheoVirtual is the multimedia exhibition focused on digital applications and virtual archeology projects, in the context of the Mediterranean Archaeological Tourism Exchange (BMTA) in Paestum, 

Archeovirtual is a wide open window on the discipline that deals with studying, interpreting, understanding and communicating the archaeological heritage and its context through a process of data acquisition, reconstruction, continuous verification.

ArcheoVirtual is presented by the Digital Heritage Innovation Laboratory of ISPC, the Institute of Heritage Science of the National Reserarch Council of Italy    and by the  Mediterranean Tourism Exchange in Paestum

The edition of ArcheoVirtual 2024 “DiversaMente” is focused on an innovative vision that puts the different types of public and their experiential universes at the center of attention, for an enjoyment of the heritage modeled on everyone’s expectations through the wise use of technologies.
Attention is brought to the different types of functioning of the person, to inclusiveness and accessibility in all its forms, for an evolving public, with the idea of ​​designing the museums of tomorrow according to models closer to visitors’ expectations.

ArcheoVirtual 2024 will host innovative stations dedicated to interactive applications, and a video room for the projection of the most recent virtual archeology projects.

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