No Real Interactive, Turin

The Pandemic forced us to find solutions to the potential non-use of multimedia totems already installed in museums, which used the touch on the screen as a mode of interaction and which today require continuous sanitation. Don’t touch me! is a possible, easy and cheap answer because it adds to and does not replace the usual methods of interaction, it does not change the way it is used (touch is simulated, but it is not touched); it is adaptable to all monitor sizes.

Don’t touch me! is indeed composed of an infrared frame, superimposed on a touch monitor and a computer. The version presented at ArcheoVirtual is a playful application developed for the MAB – Archaeological Museum of Bene Vagienna (CN) that allows you to virtually dress up as a real or mythological character from ancient Rome and take a selfie at the end of the game.

How do you use Don’t touch me?

  • Let’s start the app and choose the genre you want to interpret;
  • Take the photo of your face (if you don’t like it, you can do it again);
  • Choose the skin tone and stay in the centre of the picture;
  • Choose one of the characters and his or her clothes;
  • Confirm and prepare your smartphone to take a selfie!

To interact with the application,  point your finger in the direction of the monitor and approach the icon you want to click following the pointer you will see appearing. To simulate the “click” just pull your finger back.

Have fun!

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