ISPC, Rome

InnovaPatrimonio is an innovative narrative model for landscapes and their main features, particularly used for ancient villages, which today are experiencing a process of progressive abandonment, to be conveyed through various technological solutions. The traditional descriptiveness of itineraries and monuments is replaced by a dramaturgical representation of stories, characters, ways of life and visions that constitute the unique characteristics of the profound life of a historic village such as Fara in Sabina (Rieti, Lazio). Theater, literature, cinema, mixed reality come together in this unprecedented spectacular representation in which the communities take part and recognize themselves in it; at the same time they become an element of tourist attraction.

At ArcheoVirtual you can view different film productions and artistic performances made in collaboration with the citizens. To enjoy the soundscape, you can use your own headphones, connecting them to the multimedia device.

The InnovaPatrimonio project is funded by the Lazio Region. Leading body is Theorema srl. Institutions involved are CNR ISPC, Potlach theater, Sillabe srl, Orpheo srl.

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