The ArcheoVirtual 2021 exhibition aims to enhance narrative solutions capable of making cultural places more attractive to the general public and more readable in terms of understanding and accessibility.

Many years after the introduction of digital media for museum use, the latter are not always able to act as original forms of enhancement of the historical-archaeological context, with or without the aid of interaction.

The focus instead of the Carousel section are those video solutions that have made technology a means to best enhance the narration of cultural objects and territories, through precise emotional, sensorial and cognitive effects. In the exhibition, you will find a selection of the best narrative videos and trailers of digital applications of this genre, in Italian museums, chosen on the basis of a public selection. They are:

  • La scatola delle storie. Al di là del Visibile. CNR ISPC, Roma
  • Il mito di Diana e Atteone alla Reggia di Caserta. Digitalcomoedia, Napoli
  • Archeofish. CNR ISPC, Catania
  • Aiano – Torraccia di Chiusi. Comune di San Gimignano, UCLouvain, CNR ISPC Roma
  • Archeologia Digitale: Il teatro romano dell’antica Ricina. Distori Heritage-Università Politecnica delle Marche
  • Le terme Achilliane di Catania, CNR ISPC Catania
  • AciReale Living Lab, CNR ISPC Catania
  • Le imprese di Teseo, CNR ISPC Catania
  • Riflessi nello specchio di ossidiana. Città del Messico dal 1300 al 2020, UCLA/MUVIA

Enjoy the vision!