Archeovirtual exhibition is generally set in two sections, whose dimension and location vary according to the kind of proposals and the setup constraints: the audiovisual section, where short videos are shown regarding particular and innovative projects, and a second sections devoted to interactive applications.

 The Scientific Committee selects every year the best proposals applying for the audiovisual section as, for the interactive section, the choice is also conditioned by organizing and technical constraints, thus, the Organizing Committee is intended to be free in choosing the most suitable applications in relation to the event locations and their features.

Whoever is interested in presenting a proposal may apply in any moment.

For the video section:
contacting: info@archeovirtual.it, writing in the subject “Archeovirtual proposal: video section”. The Scientific Committee will take into consideration, for every edition, the proposal received before September 15th. The ones reached after such date will be considered for the next edition.

For the interactive applications section:
contacting the CNR-ISPC Virtual Heritage Lab, briefly explaining the application features, indicating any useful element to evaluate the proposal (including web pages, online videos, etc.)

Partecipation to Archeovirtual is free and does not imply any kind of grants or funds. Expenses for travel, hosting and hardware carrying are on charge of the proponents, as for any further proponent’s need. Joining the exhibition implies accepting all the organization and logistic rules, which vary according to the context and location (museum, tents, external placement, etc.) and will be communicated at least one month before the event.