ArcheoVirtual exhibition is generally organized in two sections, whose dimension and location can vary according to the type of proposals and the setup requirements: the audiovisual section, about trailer, demos and short movies regarding particular and innovative projects, and a second section for interactive applications.

The scientific committee selects every year the best proposals applying for the audiovisual section; for the interactive section, the choice is also influenced by logistic and technical requirements, hence the organizing committee reserves itself the right to choose the most suitable applications in relation to the event locations and their features.

Anyone interested in submitting a proposal for the event is kindly invided to do it at any time. For the audiovisual section, you can write to info@archeovirtual.it, indicating in the subject “ArcheoVirtual Proposal AudioVisual Section”. The scientific committee will take into account, for each edition, the proposals received within the 15th of September. Those arrived later can be considered for the next year.

For the interactive applications section, the DHiLab of the CNR ISPC can be contacted directly at the mail ispc.socialboard@ispc.cnr.it, describing the application and indicating any useful element for an evaluation.

Participating at ArcheoVirtual is free of charge and does not involve any kind of payment. The costs of accommodation, transport of hardware and equipment, and for any other need, need to be supported by participants. Participation implies acceptance of the organizational and logistical indications referred to the exhibition context, at least one month before the event.